Detecting objects at long distances is an important feature for optics users in outdoor environments. Optic quality and the best-infrared imaging sensor available make a unique combination designed to deliver the longest detection range possible.

High nighttime sensitivity, high-resolution display and sensor, high magnification, and a powerful built-in IR Illuminator for operation in total darkness make the Digisight Ultra the perfect tool for target detection at distances of 500+ meters.

The highly sensitive CMOS sensor featuring 1280х720 HD resolution delivers a high definition image with precise detail rendering.

The Digisight Ultra features both – optical magnification and 4x digital zoom ranging from 4.5x to 18x. The zoom changes in 2x steps or continuously for a truly optimum, customized field of view.

The field of view of the complex wide-angle six-lens eyepiece, employed in the 400-series features 20% increase compared to the previous Digisight Ultra model. Combined with the HD quality AMOLED display, the eyepiece delivers a rich and deep image perception.


The comfortable eyepiece configuration reduces eye fatigue during longer viewing times and enhances the natural look of objects.

BARTONSHAW Night Vision Monocular devices are one of the most rugged and easy to use monoculars available on the market. Created from military-grade materials, the P1S-0540 is designed to survive even the roughest and toughest of environments. To that end, it is also waterproof to ensure no obstacle is too tough for this monocular. Good things sometimes come in small packages, the monocular is designed to be used with only one hand. Its ergonomically designed shape and easy to reach controls leaves one hand free at all times. In addition, automatic brightness control and a bright-light shutoff simplify usage while keeping your image clear and focused, even in conditions when the brightness around you can change at a moment’s notice. The built-in infrared illuminator works perfectly for when the situation is at its darkest.


The most important parts of the riflescope are the lenses. The larger lens is the objective lens which is at the end of the scope, farthest from the rifle’s stock. Its purpose is to transmit light back to the ocular lens, which is the lens closest to your eye. The part of the scope that houses the objective lens is the objective bell and wh the section containing the ocular lens is the eyepiece. Most rifle scope lenses are waterproof and fog-proof.

Riflescopes work like telescopes. Light passing through the objective lens focuses on a point inside the scope. The ocular lens magnifies the light from the focal point. When you look through a scope, the image you see is that light. Riflescopes also have a reticle, also known as a cross-hair. The purpose of these markers is to show the shooter exactly where the shot will go once he or she pulls the trigger.